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How to take your body?

Our body accompanies us all our lives, but learning to love and perceive it is sometimes quite difficult. How to learn to accept and love yourself, read on.

High standard.

One of the reasons of this is in modern society : we live in a world where the cult of standardized beauty reigns. In a week, we see about 3,000 advertising images, on which appearance (especially female) is improved to perfection using digital technology and computer tricks. We are not required to have such bodies, because they simply do not exist.

Beauty standards depend on the historical period, national characteristics, cultural context. These changes are natural and always have certain social prerequisites – fashion historians and analysts study these phenomena. On the one hand, the global fashion leading to standardization of bodies is the inevitable result of globalization , on the other hand, it’s a powerful tool- adaptogen , which helps to adapt to fast change, facilitate communication between representatives of different cultures.

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