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How to wear black this winter?

Who said that black is solid gothic? Many designers, on the contrary, consider him a favorite of the color scheme. Almost all winter collections have this dark shade of the color palette. Such total black bows can be worn for the holidays or worn every day. To make the color not so gloomy , you can dilute it with other bright elements.

Not a single exit on the red carpet is complete without a “little black dress”. You must admit that these stars look good in such clothes and do not overshadow such an event at all.

Black color and different color types of women.

Black clothes are available in each closet , many choose it for the base of their bow. According to experts, black as the base is best suited for owners of the Winter color type. Such ladies have a cold coloring appearance. Black harmoniously fits into their wardrobe, making the appearance more deep and expressive. You can see for yourself: Penelope Cruz, Megan Fox.

As for women who belong to the Autumn color type, the black shade is too cold and gloomy for them. Clothing does not harmonize well with the colors of this color.

Owners of the summer color type also sometimes wear dark-colored clothes. Unfortunately, these things don’t quite suit them . Due to a poor combination, the appearance is lost, it becomes completely inexpressive.

If we talk about the representatives of the Spring color type, they look more advantageous in more gentle colors. The black palette gives rigidity to facial features, making it pale. For example, take Nicole Kidman: in warm shades, her skin type, color and eye color are emphasized as much as possible. The black palette only gives it a few years and overshadows.

It is worth making conclusions: black color should be taken as a base this winter, only a small percentage of women. This does not mean that other ladies should forget about this palette. It’s enough for them to correctly approach the choice of their wardrobe. There are other dark colors, which also look good at any time of the year.

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