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Important vitamins for women

How to understand that the body lacks vitamins?

The lack of vitamins in the body immediately makes itself felt – it is constant fatigue , weakened immunity, drowsiness, irritability and mood swings , fatigue, hair loss and brittle nails, headaches, dryness and itching of the skin – and this is not a complete list of possible symptoms. It is practically impossible to establish a direct relationship between a specific alarming symptom and the absence of any one vitamin in the body, because symptoms can signal the presence of other diseases. But you can still track the relationship .

If you regularly observe such symptoms at home – this is an occasion to take tests and consult a doctor with them. Hypovitaminosis is a serious problem of the modern world, where people go on diets without a lead, lead far from the most correct way of life, rarely rest and eat little-useful foods. The doctor will be able to choose a comprehensive course of vitamins for a particular case, avoiding possible contraindications. It is also important to determine the required dosage and the most convenient form of release for you – these can be capsules, drops or the usual tablets. Drinking supplements is best in the morning, after eating, or during, without chewing and drinking with plain water.

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