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Is it good to eat meat?

Rules for the use of meat products.

Uncontrolled consumption of meat will not bring any benefits to the body. Therefore, of course, you should adhere to a number of rules, compliance with which will allow you to feel healthy.

1. Meat can be eaten no more than once a day (preferably at lunch time).

2. According to modern nutritionists, the amount of meat per day should not exceed 45 g. This is significantly less than previously called, as scientists believed that a person needs 150 g of meat per day.

. If it is possible to replace meat food with protein of vegetable origin, choose the second.

4. Under no circumstances should meat be completely excluded from the diet, as there are substances that are not part of plant foods. If you abandon meat in general, you may experience disorders of the nervous system (mainly mental disorders), disorders in the male reproductive system.

5. Make sure your diet is balanced. If there are not enough vegetables in the diet, it is harmful to eat a lot of meat. Fish and vegetables should form the basis of the diet, but meat is only a small part of it. Fruits, nuts, vegetables and berries then compensate for the harm caused by meat. With this approach, meat will be absorbed faster, and nutrients will be much easier.

6. When choosing meat, be careful! Carefully study the proposed piece of meat, evaluate its freshness. Food must be organic.

7. Before you start cooking your favorite dish with meat, subject the meat to a special treatment. Dip it in cold water for an hour, while letting it soak.

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