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Japanese manicure: trends of nail art of the country of the rising sun

Eastern countries excel everyone not only in technology, but also are trendsetters. Why are nail art trends the countries of the rising sun. Japanese manicure is always original, unusual and simply excellent.

What kind of manicure do Japanese women like?

Japanese bloggers tracked fashionistas on social networks for a long time, reviewed their photos and concluded : Oriental girls prefer pastel colors, transparent varnishes and decor elements.

Japanese women do almost everything Feng Shui . Manicure is no exception. Each finger has its own role to play. It is decorated in a special way. Girls do not like bright varnishes and always perform manicures in the same color scheme. If they emit a nail, then varnishes are necessarily similar to each other.

Oriental ladies are practical girls, so they prefer short nails with pointed tips. But you can meet them with long false nails, where they embody their imagination – modeling, drawing, 3D drawings and stickers.

The most popular manicure options :

  • Sakura branches and flowers on a white background;
  • Anime on a transparent basis;
  • Hieroglyphics on pastel colors;
  • Pierced nails;
  • Geometric patterns;
  • 3D art.
  • Pastel colors with foil.

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