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My husband is depressed: how to help someone you love?

Not only women tend to succumb to emotional outbursts and lock themselves in. Men also succumb to such feelings. When a husband has depression , the wife should help her beloved survive this period. How to do it correctly so as not to aggravate the situation? Psychologists recommend listening to the following tips .

Change environment.

Unfortunately, depression is not so easy to get rid of. To improve the state of mind of the chosen one , you need to create a “different” environment for him. Ask your grandmother to take the children to her, at least for a couple of days. So he will stay calm, gather his thoughts, sleep well. No need to pull him with household issues, but don’t dare to lisp. He is an adult, temporarily out of order. As soon as you see that he is much better, take in an armful and offer a walk around the city , go to the cinema or theater. You can invite friends to a tea party to remember the good old days. You need to charge him with positive energy .

Show your beloved that he is still dear to you.

Guys can make an elephant out of a fly no worse than women. It will seem to him that due to his condition, the girl will love him less and will not appreciate him at all. Make it clear that even in a difficult moment of life you support it , warm it with your love and care. You see, he immediately will feel much better and more confident.

Be patient.

It’s clear, who has the patience to sit and look at the “depressing” beloved. You are used to seeing him completely different, and then suddenly the “completely” wrong person is nearby. Do not be discouraged and not angry, but try to understand – it’s very difficult for him now, so the behavior is appropriate. The difficult period will pass soon, the main thing is to do everything necessary for this, in this case control your emotions .

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