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Passive lifestyle. What to do?

A sedentary lifestyle is a disease of modern society. What is the danger of such a habit and how to prevent problems, if you need to work a lot in the office, read on.

Why is it important to fight a sedentary lifestyle?

Recently, doctors concluded that lack of physical activity may lead to cancer . Cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus , spinal pain, headaches, obesity , and a 30% increased risk of kidney disease can be the consequences of a fixed lifestyle. An important fact is that fact that even diet and exercise do not eliminate the risk of premature death from this ailment. You can actively start your day with a jog or end it at the fitness center, but this will not nullify the negative consequences of a sedentary lifestyle . Women over 25 years of age who spend more than 1 hour watching a TV show shorten their lives by 21.8 minutes.

Scientists from Tel Aviv University recently made a discovery: if you lead a sedentary lifestyle , the lower body will increase, for the beauty of which women are constantly fighting. Constant pressure exerted on these zones increases fat production by 50%. Legs also respond to a lack of active life, especially for women who prefer high heels: the likelihood of the varicose veins advertised to us on TV is especially high.

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