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Peppermint: First Aid Against Stress

It has long been known that mint has a sedative property, helps to cope with insomnia and nervous tension. On the properties of mint, which are useful for dealing with stress, read on.

Peppermint vs. Insomnia.

Peppermint infusions are great for insomnia. Grind the mint leaves and fill them with warm water. Now you need the leaves to infuse in the water for about a day. Strain the infusion and drink before bedtime . If you don’t want to mess with the infusion, buy essential oil peppermint and add 3-4 drops to a warm bath.

Take such baths half an hour before bedtime and a calm, deep rest of your soul and body is guaranteed. A regular peppermint tea also helps to relax and relieve stress. It will not only relieve inflammation, but also protect the nervous system .

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