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Rumors about breast augmentation that you should stop believing in

Big and beautiful breasts – dream of almost all girls . Now this is not a problem! With the ability, you can give your chest the desired size. But recently, plastic interventions are shrouded in continuous negative myths that simply cast doubt on the work of specialists in this field. It is not so simple to dispel such “legends”, but it is possible! So, let’s give examples of the most common myths about breast augmentation, which you just need to stop believing in.

Large postoperative suture.

To install the implant, the plastic surgeon makes small incisions in the most hidden areas: the submammary fold, along the areola and armpit. So the seam is hidden in the natural folds of the skin, and it is almost impossible to notice it. In some cases, it is not visible at all.

You can enlarge your breasts without surgery – sports, food and a miracle injection.

If such a method really were effective , then who would use the operational methods?

Undoubtedly, with the help of a specially selected set of exercises, you can increase the pectoral muscles, which by no means gives femininity to the girl.

Miracle injections , which are now offered by beauty salons and cheap online stores, is generally utter nonsense ! In addition to harm to health, they do not give your body anything good. If the doctor suggests that you give such an injection, you can safely deprive him of a diploma.

And of course, everyone’s favorite phrase since childhood: “Do not eat a lot of cabbage, otherwise your chest will grow big.” Seriously? If this were true, then cabbage would be the most valuable product, just worth its weight in gold.

Implants interfere with breastfeeding.

Experts have done a lot of research and have long disproved the fact that implants affect lactation . It is enough for the patient to inform the doctor that she is going to breastfeed her baby in the future. Then the operation is performed using incisions only under the chest and in the armpit, while completely not touching the area of ​​the areola . Thus, the mammary gland and ducts do not hurt, and in the future such surgical intervention will not affect lactation.

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