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Rumors about breast augmentation that you should stop believing in

Breast enlargement leads to a loss of sensation.

Only in the first months after surgery the breast loses its sensitivity. This is understandable, since there is swelling. Once the postoperative period has passed, the sensitivity will resume in full measure. Do not worry about this.

After 45 years they don’t have breast enlargement – it’s useless.

Rave! At any age, you want to look feminine and beautiful. Yes, no one refutes the fact that the skin of such ladies is less elastic. Such an indicator is not a contraindication to surgery. During implant placement , skin tightening is additionally performed. Naturally, the rehabilitation process will be slightly longer than for younger ladies.

The implant is cold to the touch and its presence can be easily determined.

If you choose the right implant size, to hide the stitches well, then it is very difficult to calculate. Some men do not really know about its presence in their chosen ones. This suggests that the technology is really excellent and the product is excellent .

Well, do you still believe in similar mythical legends ? It is worth noting that such legends were dispelled not only by specialists, but also by the patients themselves. So, if you have decided to change your appearance, namely your breasts, consult only trusted plastic surgeons.

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