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Skin care during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when you need to be especially careful in choosing the use of various cosmetics, but this is not a reason to refuse to take care of yourself. In this article, we will tell you what skin care products can be used by pregnant women, and what should be discarded.

Ingredients to Avoid During Pregnancy.

There are many skin care products for pregnant women, but we will analyze all the nuances. Pay attention to the main problems with the skin of the face and body that arise or intensify with the onset of pregnancy.

Some ingredients of care products are not dangerous, others can have a negative effect on a woman and a child only with excessive use, and still others are simply contraindicated during pregnancy and can cause serious harm.

Despite all of the above, this does not mean that you need to “be afraid of everyone and everything”, even when faced with some serious ingredients. Your child is unlikely to suffer, since most of the risk is associated with the constant use of a certain ingredient, which can lead to an accumulation in the body and only then it can be dangerous for the baby.

Pregnant women should pay special attention to products containing the following ingredients before using skin care products. There are a number of essential oils that affect uterine tone, and, for this reason, their use can lead to an abortion. Although essential oils are considered safe and even beneficial for pregnant women, their use should be completely abandoned.

Most essential oils are safe in small quantities but you absolutely must exclude the following essential oils that have a negative effect on the fetus, right up to its death:

  • arnica oil;
  • aniseed oil;
  • basil and tarragon oil;
  • camphor oil;
  • wormwood herbs, parsley, sage, tansy, thuja and wintergreen.

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