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The dangers of a healthy diet

A healthy diet helps to cope with many problems, but in some cases it can form phobias and limit a person’s life. What is orthorexia and how it is related to nutrition, read on.

What is orthorexia?

Being fastidious in food and not eating unhealthy foods is great. Refuse fast food , replace carbohydrate garnish with vegetable salad, and animal fats with vegetable oils – many of us try to live by these rules and succeed. However, some go further, turning a healthy habit into an obsession .

The Border between a healthy habit and an obsession is blurred , and people rarely notice that crossed that line , but the difference is more obvious to others. You may have observed such people in your surroundings: they are in a state of constant concern about what they ate, eat, or intend to eat.

Such people spend their free time on searching healthy organic food , properly preparing preparing and planning the following lunches and dinners. They refuse to invite guests – they will serve the wrong food. They cannot eat in most restaurants because they are not sure that the food is prepared in accordance with strict canons of health. They cannot travel . Focusing on a healthy diet, and only on it, they greatly impoverish their lives.

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