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The most common causes of male adultery

5. Cheating, as evidence.

The reason here is friends. They incite the man, saying that sex should be every day and with different partners. Then the competition begins, who is the real man.

6. Cheating on love.

This happens when a “reveler” falls in love with another woman, while continuing to love his wife. Adventures on the “two fronts” continue until one of them begins to suspect that he is not the only man in his life.

7. Desires to diversify sex life.

At home, not everyone can realize their sexual fantasies at home. Then a new passion appears, with which he realizes his needs and dreams.

8. Female perseverance.

Everyone knows the fact that there are much more women than men in the world. A free lady is not very interested in having a family with her chosen one. She takes the initiative, in every way seducing him. In turn, how can such a macho resist the spell of a girl? God forbid, they will consider him incapable!

9. Long separation from your beloved.

A long business trip or a prolonged illness of a spouse can cause a husband to accidentally communicate with another woman. Nobody has canceled physical needs.

10. A present for hard work.

Working on a serious project, investing all of himself, a man achieves success. As a gift for himself, he starts a new passion for himself.

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