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Top 7 reasons why mosquitoes bite some people more often than others

Each of us wondered why mosquitoes bite me and my mom or dad doesn’t bite me? It’s a shame that sometimes even pleasant gatherings near the fire end with intolerable attacks of these bloodsuckers . We bring to your attention the TOP-7 reasons why mosquitoes bite some people more often than others.

1. Blood type.

From school biology lessons, we know that mature individuals feed exclusively on nectar. But females constantly need protein (it is needed for laying eggs). Protein is found in human blood.

People with the 1st blood group suffer the most from “attacks”. The second place is occupied by the owners of the 3rd group.

You ask, how do mosquitoes know which blood type a person has? Everything is very simple: each person’s body has its own smell – the so-called secretion. Thanks to this smell, a mosquito determines your blood type.

2. Clothing in dark colors.

Mosquitoes most often attack at night. The most interesting thing is that even in the dark they can choose their victim by the color of their clothes . Most of all “attack” people who are dressed in dark things. If you want to take a walk at night, white or beige shades are best for hiking.

3. Increased sweating.

The bloodsuckers smell good at smelling sweat . Athletes usually suffer from them. During physical exertion, sweating intensifies, and body temperature rises. The composition of sweat includes: ammonia and other acids with a pungent odor. They then beckon these pests .

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