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Top 7 reasons why mosquitoes bite some people more often than others

What will help in controlling insects?

If mosquitoes “love” you, what can you do – do not constantly sit at home under mosquito nets. You can try to arrange a “war” for them . The tools at hand will be an excellent weapon in it:

– Grind the flowers and leaves of bird cherry or basil (it is better to make assorted), place in small bags and carry with you. This smell repels not only mosquitoes , but also other “toothy” insects.

– Lovers of outdoor recreation can be advised a great way: throw a couple of pine or Christmas tree cones and a juniper twig into the fire. Mosquitoes will surely fly away for a long time .

– You can make your own personal “perfume”: put 5 g of cloves in water (1 cup), boil it there for about 15 minutes. After that, add it to cologne or toilet water, apply this mixture to the body.

– Buy a bottle of cedar oil at the pharmacy. It perfectly repels all insects.

– To get rid of insects in the house, near the window, plant an elderberry. Her smell will protect your night’s rest . You can place a couple of branches of this plant in the house. Believe me, such a measure will not hurt.

– For sensitive people who do not accept “pharmacy” odors, researchers recommend adding cinnamon to their eau de toilette.

If these “bastards” have bitten you, and the itch does not give you rest, use the folk methods : lubricate the bite with a solution of soda (0.5 teaspoon in a glass of water). Also, pain and itching helps relieve mint. Mash fresh leaves and gently wipe the bite.

There is another old, but reliable method : dilute a pill of aspirin with water to obtain gruel. Apply to the bite site.

When carrying out any methods, make sure that the wound is not combed. Otherwise, there is every chance to bring some kind of infection into it or hurt yourself.

A small red dot can cause huge health problems. If the bites do not go away for a long time, and their volumes are increasing, visit a doctor. Insects are carriers of many viruses, including deadly ones.

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