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Top 7 TV-shows that lure from the first series

Have you watched your favorite series and are now looking for new experiences? Then use the TOP-7 series, which are addictive from the first series. Here you will find not only new emotions, but also fantastic stories, a beautiful play of actors, and an unpredictable ending.

1. Animal Kingdom.

James Cody is an ordinary teenage boy who at one point remains an orphan. His mother is dying of drugs. In order to somehow survive in this big world penniless, he is trying to establish his relationship with his grandmother.

Janine Cody – not like those old women who always grumble and knit near the TV. She has a huge business, a chic mansion and power in the criminal world. Grandmother helps her family run her sons. Having settled in a chic mansion, the young man constantly succumbs to insult and harassment from relatives. They do not stop checking him for fidelity. Over time, Jay (as he was called in the new family) finds out what his relatives are doing. Then he wonders what to do: to leave for his poor area and interrupt with anything or to live a gorgeous life that is full of intrigue and danger. What does the guy decide if he can choose his path?

2. Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.

One day, Violet, Klaus and Sunny lost everything they had – a house and loving parents. As their guardian, their terrible uncle Count Olaf was appointed. The children did not want to live with him, but there was no choice. And not in vain! This person constantly pretended not to be who he really is. He did not need children at all, but only their impressive family inheritance – money.

By hook or by crook, the Count is trying to get rid of his nephews. Children, in turn, complain to others about the terrible attitude towards them from a relative. Unfortunately, almost no one believes them. Olaf is a good actor, plays a super-caring uncle in public.

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