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TOP 8 highest paid professions in the world


Surgeons are highly regarded by healthcare providers. For them, a typical day at the office includes preoperative diagnostics, surgical procedures and examination of patients. This is not a career for the faint of heart, as you are expected to work for many hours, deal with life and death situations and always be in touch. Surgeons earn a year almost the same as anesthetists, depending on which hospital the doctor works in – there is less salary in the state than in private clinics.


Dental jobs are growing rapidly . Once you become a qualified dentist, you can also choose a specialization in a certain field, but first you need to get a bachelor’s degree in dentistry and take all the necessary practical exercises. A good dentist is also at a “price.” Private clinics offer from 5 thousand to 40 thousand dollars a year, depending on the qualifications of the doctor.

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