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Types and features of hair removal

There are several types of hair removal, you should choose the appropriate method after you understand all the nuances. What types of hair removal exist and their features read on.

What types of hair removal exist?

When choosing a technology for hair removal, you need to understand what the ultimate goal of the procedure is: remove hair for a certain time or completely get rid of it. If only a temporary effect is of interest, proven methods, such as:

  • shaving is a simple and proven method, but it has a short-term effect;
  • plucking hair – a painful, but relatively stable effect;
  • the use of chemical compounds, for example, depilatory cream is a fairly comfortable method, but has a side effect in the form of allergic reactions;
  • bioepilation (waxing, shugaring, enzyme) – with the correct procedure, the method works perfectly. It is important to take care of the skin after the procedure.

For permanent hair removal, destroying the hair follicle, apply cardinal methods of cosmetology using special devices:

  • photoepilation – a method in which the desired area is processed with thermal energy;
  • laser hair removal – the name speaks for itself – the bulb is destroyed by laser radiation;
  • electrolysis – works on the basis of micropulses.

To choose the best method for yourself, you must carefully study the features of each procedure.

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