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What is a cold allergy?

Allergies can be caused by various causes, and cold is no exception. Why is an allergy to cold and how to avoid it read on.

Causes of a cold allergy.

Experts believe that an allergy to cold is not an independent disease, but only a symptom that accompanies any somatic disease. An organism, weakened by a long and hidden course of the disease, gives such a reaction to cold, so the true causes of the non-standard reaction of the body to cold have not yet been established.

There are suggestions that the development of allergies is associated with the production of special cryoglobulin proteins in the body, which are actually “guilty” of activating histamine, which causes allergic reactions. And the main trigger for this is the cold. Various triggering factors contribute to the operation of this trigger: reduced immunity, infectious, colds and parasitic diseases, for example, chronic throat disease, untreated teeth on time, inflammatory processes in the gynecological sphere in women. In principle, many chronic ailments can provoke cold urticaria.

Therefore, all attention is not on getting rid of the symptoms, but on the treatment of the underlying disease. Other measures can be considered temporary, they do not solve problems, only slightly alleviate the condition.

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