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What is cranberry good for?

Cranberries in medicine.

Cranberries at high temperature is what the doctor ordered. It allows you to reduce the share of medicines in the treatment of colds, and it is also effectively used as a excellent antipyretic .

Eating cranberries is also very useful as a prevention cardiovascular disease and varicose veins .

Cranberries have been found to be very effective against bladder infections . People suffering from diseases of the genitourinary system can’t do without cranberry juice. It turns out that a healing drink does not allow bacteria to stay on the walls of the bladder, thereby preventing it from infections. Cranberries are also often used to treat kidney stones .

The healing properties of the berry prevent the spread of bacteria such as hulicobacter pylori, which cause stomach ulcer . The action of the berry boils down to the activation of special “cranberry” molecules that prevent bacteria from remaining on the mucous membrane of the stomach, which prevents the onset of the disease.

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