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What is the use of a hot bath?

A hot bath is useful for overall body strengthening. It is used to cleanse the skin and strengthen the immune system. About what is the use of a hot bath and to whom it is contraindicated, read on.

Pros and Cons.

Like any phenomenon, a hot bath has both its pros and cons . Of the most important disadvantages, an extremely negative effect on the skin can be noted, as well as the ability to cause a sharp drop in pressure and dizziness. It’s just that the peripheral vessels expand so that somehow it can remove excess heat from the organs, and due to this, cerebral blood flow also decreases. And this applies not only to very hot and long baths.

Nevertheless, if everything is done in moderation , then there is practically no harm to health. On the contrary, the body relaxes, microcirculation improves , the skin begins to more efficiently remove toxins from the body.

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