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What is there for anemia?

Eating Rules.

The more varied foods you use in cooking, the less likely you are to make yourself iron deficiency or any other trace element or vitamin. However, an iron deficiency diet also contains some limitations . The fact is that some elements may impair absorption of this mineral . This does not mean that they must be completely abandoned. But it is better not to eat foods containing iron, simultaneously with:

  • tea and coffee , red wine. These drinks reduce the ability of the body to absorb iron by about a third, by the way, like chocolate;
  • milk and dairy products. They are rich in calcium, and calcium “is not friendly” with iron;
  • sesame seeds and seeds, bran, sprouted wheat, nuts. All of these products are valuable sources of magnesium. But magnesium , like calcium, interferes with the absorption of iron .

If your goal is to increase your iron content in your blood, eat all of the above foods only 3-4 hours after foods high in iron.

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