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What is useful strawberry?

For women.

Strawberries are a valuable product for women. During pregnancy, the female body lacks vitamins and minerals, since everything valuable goes to the child. The berry not only replenishes the reserves of vitamins, but also positively affects the general condition: reduces pressure; eliminates constipation and has a positive effect on digestion; eliminates fetal hypoxia, which appears due to a lack of vitamins; strengthens blood vessels, reducing the risk of uterine bleeding. Thus, strawberries become the No. 1 berry during pregnancy. It is worth remembering that in the first months of pregnancy strawberries should be consumed with extreme caution and, preferably, after consultation with a doctor.

In addition to the benefits during pregnancy, for women will be a real panacea for the mask of strawberry fruit, which nourish the skin and cleanse the pores. Important! Strawberries should not be abused, as it can cause a skin rash or, in case of pregnancy, harm the baby.

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