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What to choose – a new car or used. Pros and cons.

Machines have always been and will be in demand on the market, the demand for them will never decrease . This is a comfortable, fast way to travel anywhere in the world. But, when we want to buy a car, we should decide whether to buy a new or used one. In this article, you will find pros and cons of such cars and find the answer to your question.

Pros of a new car.

Buying a new car easier : all new cars are considered perfect, so condition assessment is not needed. No need to hire a mechanic to rate a car. In addition, you know how much you should pay for a new car , you don’t have to negotiate a price because it already costs a fixed amount .

Advanced technology.

New features for comfort , performance and safety are being introduced in new cars every year . You will have to wait a few years to get them in used cars.

Additional financing options.

Car manufacturers offer many incentives to drive customers like cash discounts . Car loans now offer the best interest rates . This means that you are likely to pay a few thousand dollars less of the original price. There was also the opportunity to buy a car on credit with a minimum down payment , you can say almost zero . There is such a fact that car loan rates for the purchase of a new car lower than the same rates for used cars . Often car dealers arrange seasonal sales and holiday promotions , so you can buy a new car with a 15-20% discount .

Peace of mind for reliability.

A new car is likely to be more reliable than a used one, although now used cars also have high reliability , compared to older models. If a new car breaks down, it can be repaired for free in accordance with the factory warranty for at least the first 50,000 km or three years that most car manufacturers offer.

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