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When is it recommended to take vitamins?

In the rhythm of modern life, it is quite difficult to consume all the necessary vitamins in a natural way, respectively, the body needs help in the form of vitamin supplements. When and what vitamins you need adopted mother read on.

Signs of vitamin deficiency.

Such vitamin deficiency, as it was before, is now practically not observed. More often hypoavitaminosis is manifested – a pathological condition caused by vitamin group deficiency in the body. Usually it is characterized by decreased immunity , appetite, mood – signs that are difficult to distinguish from other diseases or simple ailments. Therefore, without a special laboratory test determine the deficit is impossible .

Vitamins E, A, and C are less likely to be in short supply. We consume them more actively from food, so sometimes we don’t even need to fill in the gaps artificially. It’s the nutritional characteristics of a person that often limit the intake of vitamins in the body. In addition, any digestive problems get in the way of absorption of beneficial trace elements into the blood, which also creates another artificial barrier. So, any deficiency of substances poses a more serious question: how much does a particular person need in order for his body to function correctly ? Just looking at your face, you can’t say. Only laboratory examinations help here.

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