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Why can not you drink food?

We are used to hearing that water must be drunk regularly and in large quantities, but this is not always the case. Why you can not drink water while eating, read on.

Who thought you shouldn’t drink?

Herbert Shelton, the very popularizer of the theory of separate nutrition, said that the liquid that a person washes with food dilutes gastric juice . In addition, recommendations to avoid drinking while eating are attributed to Ayurveda , and Indian philosophy speaks of the prohibition of cold water , which supposedly “extinguishes the fire of digestion”.

Nevertheless, the main argument of opponents of drinking – dilution of gastric juice – was repeatedly tested, and never has been proven that this is even possible. The point in this matter was set by the study , during which patients were given 300 ml of drink before a planned surgery on the stomach. water. During operations, they took samples of gastric juice and measured its acidity. As expected, pH (an indicator of acid-base balance) was normal . So the first thing to remember: there’s nothing wrong with drinking with food .

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