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Why do different zodiac signs break up?

Building a strong relationship with a partner, you always want to “run ahead” a bit and understand what kind of person is nearby. So, now you have such an opportunity. To then not bite your elbows , see how the different signs of the zodiac part. The main thing is to take note of what they love, and which they will not tolerate for nothing.


Holders of this mark have problems with patience . Even when you need to wait a bit, they cannot do it. This is where problems and conflicts begin. Aries constantly demonstrate their displeasure and rush everyone around. Few people will like it when they are commanded and their day is planned. This misunderstanding often leads to parting with partners. Who will endure?


Oh, and those vindictive Taurus ! Even the most insignificant resentment, they melt away for a long time. As the saying goes: “They always make an elephant out of a fly.” It’s just useless to apologize, after 5-10 years they’ll definitely remind you of their grievances and your wrong (in their opinion) actions. Here you just need to accept a person with his “cockroaches” in his head, not to perceive close and be ready to ask for forgiveness a hundred times a day. There are few such patient people, so couples often break up.


This zodiac sign is very love adrenaline . They constantly chase after the thrills that just scare everyone around. Fans of a quiet family life will never be able to create a pair with Gemini. For them, you will be a boring character in life. Family routine and monotony provoke this sign to shake your partner or, simply, give up your soulmate , starting to look for adventure. Sitting on a powder keg and waiting for troubles, not a single sane person wants to.


People born under this sign are very emotional . Often they can throw a tantrum because of trifles, and after a few minutes they smile cute at you. But there are also positive aspects to Cancers, they know how to love for real. In their partner they are looking not only for a lover, but also for a spiritual friend. It is difficult to be in love relationships with such partners; everything is spoiled by a complex, changeable character. You cannot predict which words will become the “spark” for the next scandal.

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