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Why do we make tattoos?


For any action, according to psychologists, there should be motivation . To create a tattoo , there is also such motivation on the body – in other words, the reason why we do this? And these reasons modern scientists distinguish five .

1. The desire to express themselves and be different from others. A person wants to create his own unique image and style in appearance.
2. The second reason is related to the man’s faith and his spiritual world. Such people, if they are tattooed, seek to show others all the power of their faith or political beliefs. In a word, this type of motivation is inherent in belief fans .
3. A person seeks to get rid of the feeling of inferiority and insecurity . Many people, as a rule, have a lot of complexes and realize this. But they can’t try to get rid of the complexes in any other way than to get a tattoo.
4. Tattoos are often used to disguise . This is done in cases where there are defects on the human body that are otherwise not amenable to correction.
5. The fifth motivation has survived since ancient times . It is expressed in the fact that a tattoo is made in order to emphasize your social status . Such tattoos are still made in the criminal world.

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