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Why doesn’t nail gel polish hold?

When doing a manicure, you always want it to look perfect on your nails. It doesn’t always work out, as we wish. The varnish may simply peel off or be poorly applied to the nails. Why does not hold gel polish on nails? How to fix the situation? Read on.

These are the reasons that, according to experts, affect the quality of manicure.

Feature of the nail plate.

These features include the moisture of the nail plate. This is not a disease , so don’t be alarmed. Gel polish is better to lay on a dry surface. Therefore, the coating peels off so quickly. Conventional varnishes hold well on a wet plate, they just have a different application method, composition and drying method.

Short nails.

In order for the gel polish to hold well, the master needs to fix it at the end. If the length is too short, then the result can quickly disappoint. There is a chance that the nail will simply fall off after 2-3 days.

Dirty nail plate.

Are you going to the salon to make your fingers beautiful? Do not try to use hand cream before the trip! When you still forget about it, be sure to notify the master. Before applying the base, the nail plate must be degreased. Otherwise, all the work will be in vain.

Women’s Day.

Critical days negatively affect not only health, but also on the nails. The body rejects all foreign substances on such days. It is worth waiting a few days so as not to redo all the beauty. This applies not only to manicure, but also to other cosmetic procedures.

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