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Why don’t some women shave their legs?

On the Internet, more and more you can meet phyto-noses and just models with unshaven legs . This is not because they do not look after themselves. It turns out that it’s so fashionable now – natural beauty and all that. Moreover, the matter concerns not only the hair on the legs, but also intimate places, including. You know, photos of these beauties collect a lot of “hearts” on the Internet. Perhaps they do it precisely to attract the public? This option also has a place in life.

Or maybe the reason is not only in fashion. Let’s try to understand why some women stopped shaving their legs? Here are a few examples of why why girls don’t want to remove hair.

Fitness trainer Morgan Mycenas.

Morgan Mikenas (a well-known fitness trainer) blogged on her Instagram page. Here she shared information with her subscribers. The girl talks about how she was bullied at school . Because mother under 12 forbade her to shave her legs. Now she has made her own decision to refuse razors. Morgan explains this: “It took a lot of time to shave the legs. To get rid of hair, you need to sit in the shower for a long time and do monotonous movements. Then the first thought crept in, why should I do this? ” She actively distributed the photo with hairy legs and armpits on the social network. They collected more than 17 thousand likes. Also, a well-known blogger claimed that the hair became soft, not pricked, as after shaving and itching passed. Of course, Morgan returned to hair removal over time, but she helped many girls realize that you need to love your body and the way God created it. Love from this loved ones and friends will not be less. The choice is only for the girls, as they feel better and more comfortable.

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