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Why is brushing your teeth important to your health?

Why are healthy teeth still a guarantee of health?

Efforts to maintain oral health will affect the whole body. For example, even a partial absence of teeth leads to the refusal to consume vegetables and fruits – a person cannot chew them, and as we recall, these products are the main sources of vitamins, minerals and minerals. In addition, such a person subconsciously tries to choose softer, and therefore less healthy, more refined, devoid of nutrients, but rich in sugar and fats. The result of such nutrition is the development of heart and vascular diseases at a minimum.

Poorly chewed food disrupts the digestive system: the absorption of nutrients is impaired, fermentation and decay processes occur, and the digestive glands are depleted. In addition, bacteria found in plaque can penetrate the circulatory system and contribute to the development of inflammation in the vessels and subsequently atherosclerosis, often leading to stroke and heart attack.

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