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Why is crying good?

Many people think that such a manifestation of feelings as tears is inappropriate. But, holding back emotions is not right. What is the use of tears, read on.

Types of tears.

Moisturizing tears is called basal . They are 99% water and include proteins, inorganic and antibacterial agents . Every day, 1 to 3 ml is produced in a person. such tears.

Reflex tears in composition do not differ from basal. The lacrimal glands secrete them if you need to rid the eye of a foreign body or irritating substance (for example, onion fumes) that has got into it. In these cases, the lacrimal glands begin to work more actively and secrete more fluid.

The third kind of tears is emotional . They contain hormones , which the body produces during stress, and a natural painkiller – the hormone enkephalin. Such tears appear when a person experiences a strong emotional shock.

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