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Yoga for a healthy sleep. Respiratory practices to help you fall asleep

Yoga is known for helping people relax . And this leads to a complete order of thoughts, peace. As a result, sleep improves, health improves. In other words, yoga helps to feel much better.

So yoga. But what if there is no opportunity to attend classes with a trainer? The main thing is not to be upset, but to read our article to the end. Everything will be indicated in it. And you can easily do exercises at home before going to bed.

Exercises to improve sleep.

Seated lean forward.

With this exercise, the whole range of activities begins. It is simple and affordable even for beginners. For the first lessons you can put a pillow under you. So it will be more convenient. Then cross your legs and lean forward with outstretched arms. And preferably press your hands to the floor to the elbows.

Bend forward while standing.

This exercise will help relieve stress and headaches. It’s also easy to complete. So, stand on the mat and place your feet about 15-20 cm apart. Lean forward, stretch out your arms and wrap your hands around your ankles. The elbows should touch the knees. If at the first few times your stretching is still weak, then you need to bend a little and bend your knees, then the tension in the hips and under the knees will gradually go away.

Pose of the child.

This exercise I becomes mandatory every time I do yoga. It helps calm your mind and get rid of tension in the body. Sit on your knees, lean forward, take deep breaths, press your forehead and outstretched arms to the floor.

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