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10 basic yet essential etiquette rules every individual needs to know

Regrettably, lots of individuals think these basic rules are somewhat shameful and out of place in real life.

The reality of this is that these rules are quite straight forward. They cover how we talk, our manners, appearances, and emotional control at any given time.

These are basic rules every individual ought to know.

Be mindful of peoples’ names

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Names are part of the first information we learn about individuals, and this is how one may recognize or address people.

Ensure you include your last name when introducing yourself to someone. It is essential, especially when you have a common first name.

The first time you meet someone, be conscious of their name. If it’s on the difficult side or isn’t easy to pronounced, politely ask for the correct pronunciation. If it’s a difficult name, the person likely won’t find the question awkward. This shows you have a keen interest and respect for that person. Don’t be too quick to give out nicknames or wrongly pronounce someone’s name, as these are rude and don’t play well on first impressions. Ensure you address people the way they want to be addressed.

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