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10 basic yet essential etiquette rules every individual needs to know

Place setting

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When faced with a dilemma like which fork to use when dining in a formal setting, there’s an easy fix for this, just relax.

The first piece of information you need to know is that the short fork is for your salad. When finished, you should also ensure you place your utensils side by side, at an angle to your silverware (fork tines facing up, knife facing the center of your plate). This tells the waiter that you are finished eating.

Yet another piece of important information: ensure you wait for your host to be seated before you start eating. Just follow the host’s lead, and when he or she picks up their fork, follow suit. Also, if you are a parent whose children are used to an informal setting, make sure you teach your kids how to handle a formal setting so they are prepared when they eventually find themselves in such an environment.

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