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10 oils for face and body skin

If you have problems with face and body skin , try to solve them with cosmetics. Beauticians recommend these 10 oils:

1. Face oil (dry skin) Orchidee Bleue, Clarins.

Natural oil, which perfectly nourishes dry and dehydrated skin, quickly tidies it up. It contains blue orchid extract and patchouli essential oil (tones the skin), walnut oil (nourishes and moisturizes). After application, it is immediately absorbed into the skin of the face.

2. Biovisol, Cholley.

The oil complex is also responsible for the health of your face. Helps to heal cracks, removes peeling, relieves inflammatory processes. Ideal in winter.

3. Facial Oil Abeille Royale, Guerlain.

The most ideal tool that this company produces. You can use it from a certain age, but even at 25 you can also check miracles. This elixir is made up of several varieties of honey. Such an ingredient simply instantly tightens the skin of the face and removes wrinkles under the eyes.

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