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10 Signs You Are A Strong Woman (And You Have No Idea)

Gone are the days of women being meek and mousy. These days, women are taking life in a different direction than their predecessors, and it’s making some men a little uncomfortable.

If you are on a mission to create the best life for yourself, then you might be surprised to find that not everyone will like that, especially men.

Here are 10 signs that you are a strong woman who might intimidate men.

You Can Be Happy On Your Own

If you can be happy on your own, then chances are, that you are a strong woman. Do you know a person who cannot survive a single day being alone? As in, can’t eat on her own in public, can’t shop for clothes on her own, and can’t jog on her own? There are tons of people out there who think this is normal but really, it’s a small sign that is often unnoticed. If you can be happy on your own and do these things all by yourself, then you’re definitely a strong woman.

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