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4 mistakes that make you unable to lose weight

Very often people find it difficult to lose weight . And, it would seem, you eat less and move more, but the number on the scales does not decrease.

What to do in a similar situation? How to make your body lose weight , which are already so tired? Many factors should be considered for this. So, let’s begin.

Nutrition – the basis of weight loss.

To begin with, you should set yourself up for the fact that excess weight is not lost in 10-15 days. After all, extra pounds also accumulated for months, and sometimes for years. Therefore, such a process does not happen fast. You should have patience and deal with yourself further.

There is the so-called stress hormone in our body – cortisol. When you sleep little, eat little, and get nervous a lot, the level of cortisol goes off scale. As a result, the level of glucose in the blood rises, the body ceases to break down fat and destroys proteins. Therefore, it is very important to get enough sleep , poor sleep only harms the body and affects not only weight loss, but also the general condition of a person. Also, you don’t need to go hungry or nervous for various trifles, and solve serious problems as soon as possible so that cortisol does not stop you from losing weight.

It also plays a large role that the body does not receive the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals . This leads to a deterioration in appearance, as well as to stress of the body. After all, when you sit on a strict and long diet, the body falls into a panic and stops spending extra fat to ensure normal functioning, including survival.

And, of course, if a person stops eating normally, then the metabolism slows down , and it is so necessary when losing weight.

Not the least role during weight loss is played by water . Therefore, drinking 2 liters of pure water per day is simply necessary. Using water, slags are removed and fats are transported for subsequent breakdown.

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