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6 beauty products to give your hair a weekend

Did you know that there are 6 beauty products to give your hair a weekend ? They have super effects: they quickly reanimate and give strength to our hair.

1. Liquid Silk Hair Estel Professional Curex Brilliance Silk.

If your hair is badly damaged, then you just can’t do without this tool . Silk moisturizes, nourishes and makes hair light. Liquid silk also helps make them more obedient and soft . Take a small amount of the product, rub it in your hand, and lightly apply on wet hair. Due to its viscous consistency, it is almost impossible to overdo it with it.

The result will become noticeable after just a few manipulations. Fluffy will disappear, hair will acquire a healthy appearance, and will be easy to style.

2. Global Keratin Serum Hair Serum.

A brand-name serum that helps help care for your hair . The composition of the serum includes all the necessary vitamins, minerals, keratin complex, organic oils and proteins that are so necessary for them. That is, all components are natural and do no harm to our body. A chic result can be observed after its first use – the hair becomes soft, like silk. And the aroma is simply divine!

3. Moroccanoil Hair Oil.

An excellent multi-functional oil that helps care for your hair , especially in the summer. Thanks to Moroccanoil, they gain a healthy shine, are well moisturized and strengthened. Miracle should be in the makeup bag of every girl, especially when relaxing at sea. It protects hair from the negative effects of ultraviolet rays. After application, no greasy marks remain and then, it is washed off well.

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