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6 good reasons to abandon the shower

When this wonderful time comes – the time for repair in the bathroom, then there is only one question, what to choose a bathtub or shower cabin?

To make the right choice, the first thing you do not need to chase fashion, but you should consider your preferences. It is also necessary to pay attention to the size of the bathroom, its layout, features of communications. Experts recommend to put, nevertheless, a bath. And that’s why:

1. Small budget.

Some believe that a bath is several times more expensive than a cabin. But this is not so. High-quality showers for the price will be on par with the top models of bathtubs . Even the cheapest shower cabin will cost much more than a bath. Therefore, if you are a little limited in budget, then the choice is only for the bathroom.

2. Small or custom bathroom layout.

This is perhaps one of the main selection criteria. Because showers have the shape of a square or rectangle and they take up a lot of space . But today’s choice of bathtubs will allow you to install it in almost any corner of the bathroom. They come in different sizes and shapes. Which is very convenient.

3. You need multifunctionality.

It would, of course, be nice if you had a large house with several bathrooms. With such an ideal option, you can put both a bath and a shower. But we have what we have . Therefore, you need to make the right choice between them. Here, for example, in the shower you can only take a shower, it will not work out in the foam after a hard working day. Some people think that much less water will be used in the shower than for bathing. But this is also not true . If you take a long hot shower in the cabin, then it will be as water-like as lying in the bath, but in terms of pleasure, the hot bath is definitely superior to the shower.

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