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7 reasons to do a permutation at least once a year

Changes in the setting bring only positive changes.

  • Moreover, the proper arrangement of furniture directly affects the well-being of the owner of the house. After all, if the bed is in the “wrong” place from the energy point of view, you should not be able to rest properly in the apartment. Bad sleep, unfortunately, affects our whole life. Rest should be full and no work items should not interfere with this.
  • If you believe Feng Shui, then monetary energy is concentrated in the kitchen . In no case should not be placed next to a stove with a sink, where all the water leaks, a refrigerator with a heater, or with a microwave. Although many make a similar mistake by putting the microwave right on the refrigerator. This should not be done. Moreover, to attract money to the house, you can put banknotes in the apartment. It would be nice to buy a dollar / money tree.

  • It’s very important to clean / wash the walls at least once a year . It’s like a shower, only for the surrounding area. Every day we take it in order to cleanse not only our body, but also our soul. We are washing away all the negativity that happened to us in a whole day. Also with surrounding walls. They require cleaning.
  • In each period of the year, our body tunes in different ways. So, in the cold autumn-winter, I want to see in the apartment as much as possible of something warm, fluffy. It is on a subconscious level that can warm us. In the spring, the soul desires something fresh, bright, new. In the summer of something spacious and airy. Try transforming your living area relative to the season and this will affect your psychological state.
  • And, most importantly, don’t be afraid to start changes in your life. Change of hairstyle, change of work , changes in the interior, all this will certainly bring changes to your life. After all, if you really want this, do not stand still, move, develop and do not be afraid of change. Life is very fleeting, catch it all!

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