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7 reasons why hair falls out and what to do with it

Every day, people lose up to 100 hairs, but new ones grow quickly in their place. If your growth process has slowed down, and more and more hair remains on the pillow, then you must already look for the cause and immediately eliminate it. I don’t feel like wearing a wig at the dawn of strength and years?

Specialists conducted research and concluded that 7 main causes lead to hair loss. What to do in such cases and where to run? You may find useful information from this article.

So, these are the alleged reasons .

Improper hair care.

Do you often look at the composition of shampoo or balm when buying it? Most people do not. Cheap hygiene products contain harmful ingredients , which lead to baldness. Frequent use of hair dryers, tricks and irons also physically damage the hair. Do not believe it! If you wash your hair daily, then this can also cause their terrible loss. After all, with water procedures, the same shampoo is used, with harmful elements.

TIP: First of all, you need to visit a professional in order to get a recommendation on which funds are best used in this situation. Limit the effects of irons, hair dryers and other devices for hair. Refrain from perm.

Stress and overwork.

Hair suffers the most from stress and constant overwork. Usually this problem concerns the female part of the population. After childbirth or during the period of pregnancy, when the new mother is over emotional, the first alarming symptoms appear. Fatigue also affects work. Well, when the excitement was single, but if it takes a chronic form, what then? The vessels of the head are greatly narrowed, the blood supply is disturbed, and the hair begins to fall out simply in “bundles”.

TIP: You should not immediately run to the pharmacy and “sit down” on antidepressants and sedatives. You can start with herbal infusions, a fragrant mug of tea with mint and chamomile. A good option to relieve fatigue is a bath with the addition of soothing essential oils. Full rest and sleep are also very important for the whole organism.

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