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9 functions in the phone that can save in an SOS situation.

The phone has entered our life so closely that it is already very difficult to imagine at least a day without a smartphone. We wake up with him, with the help of him we get in touch with friends, relatives, we spend all day with him. It has become an integral part of every person’s life. But did you know that a phone can help in an SOS situation? So, everything in order.

Phone features that help you in different situations .

1) SOS emergency call.

If there is a similar situation in which you urgently need help (robbers attacked you, you were beaten, you were robbed, etc.) and your psyche is already in a panic, you do not know what to do. Remember only one rule to call for help.

With a very quick movement press the side button 5 times, then the “Emergency Call – SOS” slider appears, swipe the slider to the right to call the emergency service.

IPhone technology does not stand still. A function such as “Auto call” has already been invested in it in a smartphone. It can be activated in the settings. To do this, you also need to quickly press the side button five times, then the countdown will begin. Then the emergency service will be called.

2) Voice Assistant.

The voice assistant is presented in the iPhone technique as Siri, on Android as the Google Assistant. He is a very great assistant in various situations. Many have already adapted to its use, and some owners do not even know how to use it. Therefore, if you need help, you should activate it by voice or by pressing and set a simple command “Call rescuers” or “Call an ambulance”.

All. The signal has gone and you will certainly be helped.

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