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9 functions in the phone that can save in an SOS situation.

3) Flashlight.

He is in every phone. Although it should be noted that he was always! Even recall Nokia 1100, this device is eternal (not for advertising). Using a flashlight, you can draw your attention in the dark . You will be noticed and come to the rescue.

4) Bug.

IPhones with the latest version of iOS have the “Auto Answer” feature. For example, you can leave your phone somewhere in a safe place, but before that you should turn on silent mode. Then call your phone and the answer will automatically happen. Thus, you will hear what your friends are talking about while you are not around. This will be a great opportunity to learn a lot of new things about yourself, or, on the contrary, confirm the loyalty of your friends.

5) Compass.

He will also be of help. After all, using the compass, you can easily determine your location and pass it to the rescuers. And also if you get lost somewhere, the compass will direct in the right direction.

6) Alarm clock.

Well, there’s really nothing to explain. After all, for sure, everyone uses it every morning. And if you find yourself in an unforeseen situation and you feel that you are disconnecting, set an alarm with an interval of a minute or two. This will help not pass out, but wait for the rescuers.

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