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Are first courses helpful?

It is traditionally believed that first courses are healthy and necessary in the diet. Is it really necessary to eat first courses read on.

Harm to soups.

  1. Eating liquid dilutes gastric juice , which significantly impairs digestion .
  2. Heat processing dramatically reduces the amount of nutrients in food. All vitamins and biologically active substances die already at a temperature of 57 degrees.
  3. Warm meat or chicken broth, entering the body, is very quickly absorbed by the intestines, and the liver , in terms of throughput, does not have time to process , received in large quantities, meat extracts contained in the broth.
  4. When cooking meat , various harmful chemicals go into the broth, the main ones are creatine and creatinine . In addition, in our time, when raising animals for slaughter, to increase their weight, dishonest farmers use various chemicals , which accumulate in meat and also harm the consumer.

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