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Build relationships with teenagers

Everyone in the family has a moment when unbearable teenagers grow out of the little and obedient Kolya or Julia. What should parents do? Making contact with teenage children while they are still amenable to re-education. To do this, take note of the 8 basic rules that will accompany during difficult moments of negotiations and actions.

1. Respect for your child’s privacy.

Adolescent children love solitude . Rather, even complete isolation from the parents. What should parents do? You need to set aside your comfort zone for your child. It can be a room or your own corner in the apartment. It all depends on the financial capabilities of the family. Most parents accept this fact and quickly solve the privacy problem. However, many people forget and violate the boundaries of personal space : they enter the room and rummage in the things of the child, read personal diaries, and can enter without knocking. Doing so is strictly prohibited! You do not like it when they “dig” into your things, and enter without invitation to your territory. Therefore, it is worth talking with the child and highlight a few rules that all households will adhere to.

2. Ability to listen and listen.

All parents make a mistake – they interrogate the child when he is not at all inclined to talk. Your task: not to impose yourself, but just to be near. As soon as the teenager becomes open to dialogue , listen calmly and show interest in the conversation. Do not rush to advise or scold, if in some way he was wrong. Just tell me what you would do in his place. But you will still support him, no matter how it goes. This builds trusting friendships between children and parents.

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