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Choosing the right shampoo: tips and tricks

On what hair care product you choose, their health directly depends. Therefore, choose the correct shampoo , taking into account all the features of your body. To make this easier, consider the following tips and tricks :

    • When choosing your own shampoo, focus on not only the type of hair, but also the condition of the scalp . That it affects their appearance. A hygienic product should cleanse the pores well, restore and strengthen the hair follicles.
    • Always study the composition of shampoo . Now it’s fashionable to use products that include silicone. When he is there within normal limits, he doesn’t do much harm. But do not forget that this component accumulates in the body when the level becomes critical, makes itself felt. Hair becomes thin, dry and begins to fall out.
    • Give Hygiene a chance . This paragraph indicates that after the first use it is impossible to understand whether the shampoo is suitable for you or not. Use it at least 2-3 times, then determine exactly. There is still such a nuance, when you switch to new means, itching, redness, or other similar symptoms may appear. They do not say that this is not your remedy, just your skin and hair are used to the “old”. When symptoms do not go away after 2-3 shampoos, this is definitely not your option, look for new shampoos.

    • When buying organic shampoos, don’t expect from them an instant reaction. Many ladies are waiting for a direct super effect after the first use of organic products. I hasten to upset you, it will not be. It operates by the accumulation method, so that the result will appear after a few months. Again, it all depends on the scalp and the condition of the hair.
    • Each person must have two shampoos . One is for everyday use, the other is to be used as intended (for colored hair, as a prophylaxis of dandruff, etc.).
    • Shampoos and conditioners must be of the same brand . It happens that they are used from different lines, they may not be combined with each other. Because of this, the desired result may not work, but rather, damage your hair.
    • Consider your sulfate levels . Of course, you can use natural products where they are not included, but then the process of cleansing the scalp will be long. If sulfates are still in the content, be sure to look at their percentage and quality. Such information is placed on the shampoo label.
    • Decline your choice about professional tools . Cheap shampoos only harm the hair, there is practically no benefit from them. It’s better to buy one remedy, but reliable.

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