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Chronic intoxication. How to cope?

Chronic intoxication manifests itself in various symptoms, affects the health of the skin and hair. How to detect intoxication and prevent its occurrence, read on.

How is chronic intoxication manifested?

When intoxication , the body sends us alarms in the form of symptoms .

Rashes , an earthy complexion. Due to poor bowel function, the body releases toxins through the skin . This leads to rashes, which cosmetics can not cope with.

When intoxicated, the body poorly assimilates vitamins and trace elements necessary for healthy skin. The skin is nourished according to the residual principle. Its protective function falls , inflammation appears at every encounter with the infection.

Deterioration of hair and nails . Excess toxins in the body can lead to a deterioration in the condition of hair and nails. The fact is that hair and nails accumulate harmful substances , which are excreted through the skin. With excess accumulation of toxins in the hair, the body tries to get rid of them for its own safety. Therefore, during intoxication , hair loss can occur up to alopecia (baldness).

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