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Dress code errors that interfere with your career.

Whatever they say, but clothing still matters . For the first time we meet a person by clothes, we involuntarily immediately pay attention to what he is wearing, whether this is neat, appropriate at the place of stay, clean and so on.

Choose your wardrobe more carefully at work. After all, a sloppy appearance can lead not only to poor relations with colleagues, but also become an obstacle to career growth.

What could harm the wardrobe?

Very often, a company’s dress code has a dress code . What can be worn and what is strictly prohibited. Moreover, there are unspoken clothing rules that are not always spelled out:

  • If your company has adopted the form “ white top and dark bottom “, remember that these things should not meet the requirements conditionally, but in full. It is very important to monitor the condition of both blouses and skirts, trousers. It’s advisable to have several blouses that you can change daily . Because they immediately get dirty and wiped, especially the collar and cuffs. White blouses should always be snow-white and clean, do not allow yourself to go in unclean clothes. The bottom should also be approached carefully. Try to buy such a fabric that nothing will stick to it, otherwise you will walk in different guns and dust particles.

  • What can crumpled things tell your management about? That you either didn’t spend the night at home, or that you returned so late that you simply did not have time to iron your clothes. And if the rumpled look becomes a frequent occurrence, then only one conclusion can be made. You lead a loose lifestyle or trite do not have an iron in the house. Well, of course, you can handle the second problem. But here’s how to assign an important meeting to the “rumpled” person, this is completely different.
  • Excessive clothing brightness can also be a problem at work . After all, psychologists have the opinion that those who have a poor inner world choose bright things. But suppose that the boss is not familiar with this opinion, but still he prefers to see people in his team in calm, neutral tones of clothing. This should also be reckoned with. You should not choose bright, catchy things. They can only put you to build a career (especially if such restrictions are spelled out in the dress code). Therefore, flowers, peas, and other eye-catching prints are best left on Friday (if it is a day of fashionable indulgences).

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