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Essential oils in cosmetology

Essential oils are used in many areas of human activity. What are essential oils and how they are used in cosmetology, read on.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are called the soul of plants. Essential oils are found in flowers, leaves, fruits, and roots. So the oils extracted from the flowers of plants, have a calming, sleeping pill, relaxing effect on a person.

Oils from leaves , contain a lot of chlorophyll, which by its nature is close to hemoglobin, have healing and cooling properties (tea tree oil, petigrene oil).

And oils obtained from seeds and fruits have a stimulating and expanding effect (aroma of oil from peel of sweet orange, from seeds of red pepper, coriander seeds) .

Oils extracted from the roots have a strong firming effect (ginger), and from the bark (cinnamon) and wood (incense, cedar) – warming.

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